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VIVA ITALIA! A peek into our 2017 Mediterranean lifestyle retreats in Tuscany!

Last month, I took 25 people to Italy for an immersion experience in the Mediterranean lifestyle. Along with Chef Madelyn from Zest and yogi Linda Armijo, we cooked, walked, soaked, and laughed together! We stayed at the wonderful Villa Maddalena, which we called home with the groups of 10-15 people each week! Our excursions included the farmer’s market and the natural hot springs spa. We toured Siena with the infamous and fabulous Antonella Piredda and cooked with Madelyn’s friend and mentor Chef Alessandro. We indulged in the afternoon siesta, we did yoga, we got up early to sketch and photograph while the light was best…Most memorable, however, are the friendships and conversations. I can almost feel the warm evenings in the garden, bellies full from a healthful delicious meal, the candles burning down to stub…we connected, listening and sharing, laughing and crying in turn. For me, travel is a profoundly life changing event. Experiencing other ways of living opens our minds and our hearts and, hopefully, deepens appreciation for the blessed lives we lead. I’m honored that you all trusted me to take you across the globe and share my love of the Mediterranean lifestyle!

Enjoy a few pictures here and save the date for Fall 2018! We will be returning during the olive oil harvest and we will celebrate the first pressings with the locals! Ciao!

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