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Brain Health, Cognitive Performance, NAD+

This program is a perfect jumpstart for ending brain fog, preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia, and improving cognitive function and performance at any age. In this 3 month program you will learn how to follow a brain-healthy lifestyle, take a close & scientific look into your unique and modifiable genetic and biologic risk factors, and sample an NAD+ infusion – one of our most potent and fast acting rejuvenation treatments for the brain.

Hormone imbalances can feel like you are going crazy. Did you know that hormone balance begins with optimizing the ways we metabolize and detoxify both our own hormones and the endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our daily lives? This program includes 3 months of healthcare and coaching, a hormone balancing diet, and many tools and tips to learn how to regulate your own hormone balance through the nervous system. This is the most comprehensive & successful way to begin bioidentical hormone replacement, or transition to cleaner forms of hormones.

Hormone Balance

Curious about your health? Feel like you aren’t getting in-depth answers from other doctors and specialists? If you’ve been told there is nothing to be done, that everything looks “normal,” or that your symptoms are the inevitable result of “getting older” then this is for you. This highly personalized program starts with a in depth consultation, review of past medical records & imaging (if available), testing recommendations, an initial treatment plan, and a return visit to review lab results and formulate a long term plan. This is the perfect starting place for patients considering a concierge comprehensive care membership.

Longevity & Wellness Check Up

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