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Dr. Erica Oberg

Health is a state of vibrant vitality, abundant energy, and positive affect. It can be cultivated, enhanced, and experienced by everyone.

Health is a state of vibrant vitality, abundant energy, and positive affect. It can be learned, cultivated, and practiced by everyone. Dr. Oberg’s approach to health and medicine combines the rigors of science with the wisdom of nature and our bodies. She is passionate about helping people experience a higher level of health and vitality. As such, her clinical practice focuses on preventing, reversing, and taming chronic disease, neuro-degeneration, and anti-aging. Dr. Oberg specializes in nutrition & lifestyle, IV micronutrient therapy, and identifying the underlying causes of disease using advanced testing, and creating customized treatment plans to help individuals dial in their lifestyle and dietary supplements, peptides, bioidentical hormones, anti-aging pharmaceuticals and more. People looking for individualized, science-based, proactive functional, integrative, or natural medicine will resonate with Dr. Oberg’s approach.

Dr. Oberg has practiced integrative & natural medicine since 2003. She has held leadership positions in medical schools, NIH research, public health, and clinical practice. She received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine in 2003 from Bastyr University, where she also did her residency. She was awarded a prestigious NIH fellowship at the University of Washington where she conducted and published research on health behavior change, nutraceuticals, and health system innovation in pursuit of shifting the focus from disease treatment to health creation.

Headshot of Dr. Erica Oberg wearing a white Doctor's coat.
Dr. Oberg Behind a patient office chair at her practice.
Headshot of Doctor Erics Oberg wearing a professional woman's suit.

Some highlights of Dr. Oberg’s experience include:

  • Twenty years experience & industry leader

  • Exclusive and beautiful ocean-view concierge practice in La Jolla

  • Co-owner of VitaLab Wellness, a med spa and wellness center

  • Founding Medical Director at Bastyr University - California

  • Ten years of conducting NIH-funded research & clinical trials

  • Published over 30 peer-reviewed research papers on topics including health & wellness, Echinacea and vitamin D, diabetes, nutrigenomics, & integrative nutrition.

  • Six years at Pacific Pearl, an internationally renowned integrative medicine center focused on cardiology.

  • Lecturer at international health spas & leader of wellness retreats in Italy, Mexico,
    California, St. Vincent, and the British Virgin Islands.

Patients with “undiagnosed” conditions such as fatigue, cognitive decline, and autoimmune conditions often ask “why didn’t other doctors look into my health this thoroughly?” She believes that patients bring as much expertise to the conversation as doctors and as such, she honors a team-based approach to health optimization.

She enjoys working with people with family or personal history of cognitive impairment or dementia, neuro-degenerative conditions and those hoping to prevent them. She also has expertise in endocrine and hormone conditions, auto-immune disease, cardiovascular concerns. In her “deep-dive” concierge style practice, she guides people ready for lifestyle transformation, families who want to get healthy and stay healthy together, and anyone looking for a preventive, proactive, wellness-oriented relationship with a doctor.

Dr. Oberg utilizes mobile phlebotomists (blood draw) for obtaining test samples. The phlebotomy technician will make home, office or hotel visits, as needed. Patients may also be referred to nearby facilities for certain laboratory and diagnostic imaging orders based on location preference and insurance coverage.

She is an out-of-network provider and thus does not participate with insurance. However, her staff will provide an itemized superbill and any necessary paperwork for those patients who wish to self-submit for potential insurance reimbursement. HAS and FSA accounts may be used in most situations. PinnacleCare recommends that you contact your insurance company directly to determine specific coverage prior to scheduling an appointment. The self-pay fee for an initial 90-minute consultation is $485. Follow-up, 45-minute appointments are $280. Additional fees may apply for certain treatments, such as intravenous nutrient infusions, exosomes, anti-aging therapies, and any indicated lab testing that is ordered. A majority of patients prefer to continue working with Dr. Oberg via her Concierge and Health Coaching practice, which offers an annual unlimited access, membership ($4500). Brain health, hormone balancing, and deep dive programs are $1500.


Individuals may be seen in person at either of her Southern California locations, or via telehealth consultation. Prospective patients may schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone call to ask questions and determine if her approach is a good fit. More information can be found at and or by calling 858-215-4935.


When not partnering with patients in healing, Dr. Oberg tries to walk her talk. She stokes her own health by sailing, staying active & eating well, playing with her dog, constantly learning & reading, and surrounding herself with inspiring people who make her laugh.

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