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Time to Talk About Weight and Your Metabolism!

Updated: Jan 10

I have lately had quite a few clients concerned with weight gain, either during the pandemic and quarantine or as life has progressed. Understanding the connection between science and obesity is key to conquering weight issues for life. It is never easy, but with close communication between you and I, we can get a handle on the issues that are causing the weight to add on.

Today I want to share with you two pieces of information that help explain the connection between science and obesity. The first is a short and sweet youtube presentation on what happens in the body that can lead to stubborn weight gain that compounds over time.

The second are slides from a popular lecture I give called "The Hidden Causes of a Slow Metabolism" The slides are found here:

RLP 1 Hidden causes 11-19
Download PDF • 2.51MB

Take a look at these informational pieces and then, click here to schedule a TeleHealth visit with me to discuss your game plan. If someone you love is struggling, please feel free to have them reach out to me. There is a strategy that includes support, science and knowledge.

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