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Vaccine Readiness

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

As the viral pandemic continues to wreak havoc and disrupt lives and well-being, the news of a promising vaccine seems like a light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, caution with new vaccines is certainly warranted. I’ve always advocated for informed choice in the vaccination space, whether it is for children or adults. I’ve seen a few horrible vaccine reactions, and have seen far more uneventful instances. The worst reaction I’ve treated was a female teen who developed alopecia totalis following an HPV vaccination. She recovered over a two year treatment program, regrew all her hair, and the auto-immune cross-reaction has quieted down. Yet, can you imagine what a devastating few years it was for her – imagine losing all your hair, even eyebrows and lashes, at that delicate time in a young woman’s life! On the other side, I’ve seen more than a few elderly patients suffer months of post-herpetic neuralgia following shingles, which can be largely prevented with a vaccine. If they had been vaccinated, they would not have suffered months of burning and itching pain.

Thus, I’m not here to get involved in a debate over whether vaccination is right or wrong, but to educate my patients as information becomes available, and help them optimize their immune system to ensure that if they do choose (or have to) get a vaccine, they are doing everything they can to have a positive response, without adverse effects. Since the vaccine is just starting to be administered in the E.U. and the pilot trials have been relatively small, even the top specialists and scientists won’t have all the answers, and I’m certainly not claiming that here. Here, I share what I know from nutritional biochemistry, the physiology of immune responses, and clinical experiences over the past 20 years. Here, I share what I plan to do to get my immune system ready, since healthcare workers will likely have to step forward to be among the first.

My first considerations are ensuring all necessary nutrient cofactors are optimized for an adaptive immune response.There are 2 sides of the immune system – the innate and the adaptive. The innate side of the system has gotten a lot of attention lately as it is all about priming the system to respond to a pathogen – vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, and more are key here. The other side, the adaptive immune system is responsible for activating T cells and B cells starting with the antigen-presentation on the cell surface. This is the immune function we need to focus on to ensure the system responds sufficiently, but not excessively, to a vaccination.

The key nutrients critical for the adaptive immune system include vitamins A, D, C, E, B6, B12, Zinc, Iron, Copper, and Selenium.Also important are the nutrient co-factors that are inhibitory, and may prevent overreaction. These include vitamins D, E, and B6 (note these are multi purpose as these nutrients are co-factors in multiple immune mechanisms) thus they are especially important.

Next, is the consideration of minimizing the risk of an auto-immune cross-reactivity. This has everything to do with ensuring a healthy microbiome and strong intestinal barrier (i.e. – no leaky gut). Key nutrients for this include vitamin D (yes, again), glutamine, and broad spectrum probiotics. Stress, which pushes us into sympathetic mode, will inhibit healthy parasympathetic activity which includes the vagal nerve messages to keep healthy levels of protective mucin and secretory IgA – keys to a healthy lining and barrier in the gut. Thus, it would be wise to prepare for vaccination with calmness and deep breathing, and certainly do not get vaccinated while in a state of panic (perhaps easier said than done!)

Some non-nutrient factors can also be considered pre-vaccination. Exosomes are acellular mRNA packages that send messages to surrounding cells to activate regenerative DNA code, rather than replaying whatever pro-inflammatory cytokine messages that were previously there. While data are preclinical, exosomes trigger IFNγ (interferon gamma) secretion by CD8 T cells, and “probably memory T cells.” Another study found that administration of exosomes along with vaccination “ substantially increases Ag-specific humoral immunity following intramuscular and intranasal vaccination, improving the immunological potency”This holds promise for the role of this therapy for priming a balanced immune response that likely, specifically stimulates the cells that will create the cellular memory for future protection.

Finally, just to cover the bases, I’m adding some traditional wisdom to my vaccine preparation plan. Homeopathy, a gentle energy medicine, has traditionally been used to prevent and counteract vaccine reactions in children. Theosinaminum has a long track record of use, if not a lot of clinical research.

I’ve put together a few options to help you get ready if you think you’ll be vaccinated over the next 90 days.

1. First, I’ve hand-picked a collection of supplements to meet these goals in FullScript – you can link to it here and order with a 10% discount:

2. I’ve formulated a new vaccine support IV protocol to support your response. It includes a new custom vaccine support micronutrient infusion, followed a week later with 3 units of exosomes. These should be done 1-3 weeks before your vaccination. The protocol package includes a follow up booster infusion, designed to be taken 5-21 days after your vaccination.

3. The plan illustrates the full protocol schedule, including when to start.

90 days before:

Start leaky gut protocol, if necessary.

Correct known individual nutrient deficiencies.

Re-focus on anti-stress self-care such as meditation, yoga, time in nature, and better sleep.

15-60 days before:

Start oral supplementation protocol, hold off on homeopathic remedy until you know exactly when you’ll be vaccinated

1 month before:

Schedule your IV series. 2 preceding vaccination - my new vaccinate support micronutrient infusion and about a week later an infusion of exosomes.

You now have the option of receiving your IV’s at Dr. Oberg’s La Jolla office, or the Tourmaline Collective Birth Center in Pacific Beach, or as a house call (minimum 2 family members – additional charges may apply).

2 days before:

Add homeopathic to oral supplement protocol. 3 pellets once per day. Dissolve in a “natural mouth,” meaning away from food or drink or toothpaste by at least 20 minutes.

Day of vaccination:

Breathe and think positive thoughts, for yourself and for the generous gift you are giving humanity by becoming part of herd immunity.

5-10 days after:

Come in for post-vaccine infusion.

Discontinue homeopathic after 5-10 days, depending on how sensitive you feel you are.

For those of you who want to dive into the science, here are 4 excellent articles. Be in touch if you have questions!

Be well, Dr O

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