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A Personal Connection During Social Distancing...

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

" A Personal Connection During Social Distancing..." is my way of staying connected to you via the technology we have at our disposal while we practice Social Distancing. Please feel free to subscribe, email or post on social media. Let me know if you have questions or ideas you would like addressed. And let me know how you are doing!


I hope this email finds you well. Just a quick note to let you know that I now have access to a new antibody test for Covid-19! This test will tell us if you have already had the virus or if you currently have it (and can spread it). Who should consider testing? Asymptomatic people who want to know if they have had it or can spread it. If this virus is like most, if you have had it and have made antibodies, you have immunity against it. If you are symptomatic, this is not the best test for you - you’ll need a nasal swab or this test after 2 weeks. If you are actively sick; call me or schedule a Telemedicine appointment and I’ll support you through recovery at home or determine if you need to be referred to a hospital. This test is a blood test and Teresa, whom many of you know from Mobile Vampire Phlebotomy, will come to you to do the blood draw (note that her $60 fee is not covered by the lab). To be tested, reply to this message and then schedule your follow-up Telemedicine appointment for a week from now and note that it is for Covid testing results. (you can do that in your online health record or on my website at I’ll set up the lab order and have Teresa contact you for the blood draw. If you are outside of San Diego and are interested, get in touch and we’ll check options in your area.

For members, the cost of the test is $149.00. For non-members, the cost for the test plus the follow-up Telemedicine appointment is $225.00 and will be collected upon making the appointment. Remember, Teresa’s fee is in addition to this charge.

I’m only offering this to active members and patients (you are active if you have been seen in my Prospect St office in the last year). If you are not a member or an active patient, and wish to be one, you can find details on my website about how to become a new patient. Stay well, and stay tuned for exciting information on Exosome therapy next week!

Yours in health and happiness,

Dr O

Dr. Erica Oberg Integrative Natural Concierge Medicine 206-407-7540 (c) 858-346-9342 - fax 858-215-4935 - scheduling 875 Prospect St, Ste 302, La Jolla CA 92037

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