Dr. Erica Oberg

Integrative Natural Medicine,
Functional Medicine & Regenerative
Anti-Aging Therapies



Health is a state of vibrant vitality, abundant energy, and positive affect. It can be learned, cultivated, and practiced by everyone. I combine the rigors of science with the wisdom of nature and our bodies.

  • I enable people to experience a higher level of health and vitality.

  • I use cutting-edge science to create custom intravenous regenerative therapies that promote wellness, prevent age-related decline, and enhance energy

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Integrative Functional Physician

Areas of Expertise

Anti Aging, Regenerative Therapies, Concierge Medicine, Telehealth, Women's Health, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement & Rebalancing, Nutrition & Special diets, Food Sensitivities, Functional Medicine, Intravenous Infusion Therapy, IV Therapy, Exosomes and Stem cells, Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease Reversal,  Root Cause Medicine, Holistic Health and Wellness,  Conundrums & Diagnostic Mysteries, General Feelings of "Unwell," Adjunctive Cancer Care, Chronic Disease Reversal, Health Optimization, Patient Partnerships. 

All patients begin their care with me with a two visit consultation. I work this way because one visit rarely accomplishes the root-cause approach

to healing.  A thorough workup and an initial few weeks of therapeutic trial is preferred.  The second visit reviews diagnostic information and a personalized plan is finalized.  

Appropriate clients will be invited for concierge membership.  More information on concierge membership and pricing is found here.  

Contact Me

Telephone:  (858) 215-4935

Facsimile:   (858( 346-9342

875 Prospect St., Suite 302

La Jolla, CA 92037

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Image by Courtney Cook


I have alot more energy now that I am getting the NAD+ IV Therapy! Especially in the morning


Dr. Oberg prepared me for a complicated surgery that wasn't going to happen unless I was ready! 

Image by Eye for Ebony


Amazing! I was able to really talk about my whole body as a system that needs to be nourished and cared for. Dr. Oberg was so kind and listened to everything I said. She took time to explain the process of how important diet is to total wellness.