Almost all patients begin their care with a two-visit consultation. I work this way because one visit rarely accomplishes the root-cause, personalized protocol people need to thrive and heal.  

What can I expect from my first consultation?

  • Expect an in-depth conversation, not just about your symptoms, but about your life and your goals

  • Expect detailed review of labs,imaging or specialist reports that you have already completed. 

  • Most likely, expect additional tests. These could be both traditional labs or specialty ones such as food sensitivities, microbiome testing, genetics, nutrient status, etc.

  • Expect personalized nutrition recommendations, help with sleep, encouragement to get more active, and some tweaking of your medications or supplements.

  • Expect to follow up in about 1 month to refine the plan based on lab data.


What about Dr. Oberg’s Concierge membership services?

Let’s face it.  Our lives have become too full for traditional healthcare.  Concierge care frees both Dr. Oberg and her patients from the constraints of traditional medicine. This is a flat-fee membership for 6 or 12 months of unlimited access. Patients can work with Dr. Oberg through secure video, email, and text- saving trips to the office, traffic, and waiting in an office with other patients. When needed, face to face visits are included in Dr. Oberg’s ocean-view office or your home. You will develop a therapeutic relationship where we will focus on helping you feel better quickly, naturally, and realistically. For patients that need a full health make-over or ongoing primary care, the flat-rate concierge option is your best bet.


​Does Dr. Oberg offer Executive Exams or Whole Body Preventive Screenings?

Dr. Oberg welcomes individuals and families who want to get thoroughly examined or “check under the hood.” Unlike a standard annual exam, these comprehensive assessments take place over about a month and are tailored to individual risk factors and interests. Dr. Oberg employs many advanced diagnostic tools ranging from lab testing, imaging, screening alternatives to traditional colonoscopy and mammogram (when appropriate), and non-invasive cardiometabolic and neurologic screening packages. Results will be discussed in detail and a personalized prevention (or treatment) plan will be recommended. Expect 2 appointments plus labs and other tests.


I’m only interested in IV therapies, can I get those from Dr. Oberg?

Clients simply seeking intravenous therapies as adjunctive care can begin with a brief safety screening and IV therapy is subject to Dr. Oberg’s approval. Do not expect full medical care. Patients selecting this option should have primary care established elsewhere and should also bring recent basic lab work. If you are due for a check-up anyway, we can add this on at any time. Assuming you are a good candidate, most patients can receive IV immediately after the screening. 

What are Dr. Oberg’s fees?

$350 New patient initial exam - 90 minutes (If you have not been seen in Dr. Oberg’s current location, even if you are a former patient, you are considered a new patient)

$225 follow up appointments  - 45 minutes

$125 acute/coordination of care/prescriptions without appointment (established patients only)


$350 Tele-Health Wellness consultation & Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment.  Not a medical appointment. 

$225 Tele-Health Wellness follow ups 


$350 1st-time IV eligibility & safety screening, includes IV up to $205 in value 

$205 IV infusions (certain additives additional)

NAD+ IV infusions: $975, available in packages of 3, 5 or 10.

Exosome and other regenerative infusions, starting at $1500


$75  Late cancellation fee (<24 hours)

$125  Travel fees for home visit


Concierge Membership and Coaching:

$3000 unlimited access for 6 months​

$4100 unlimited access for 12 months


Labs/imaging/supplements charged separately

“When you work with me, you get a scientific, personalized path back to health and into vibrant vitality.” Dr. Erica Oberg

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