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Turn Back The Clock

Package of 3 IVs: 1 Exosome, 1 Nourish and either 1 Brain or 1 Body IV.

Scheduled over 3-4 Weeks

Forever Young

6 months of monthly exosome infusions. Other intervals may be appropriate for some clients

Replete & Reboot

5 IVs.  A 6 week reboot program: 1x a week for 4 weeks, then 1x after two more weeks.  Choose from any of the the IVs found here:


Custom IV Infusion Therapy Packages

A la Carte
IV Therapy

Choose from a wide variety of personalized a la carte IV Infusions, selected just for you after consultation.


The Fountain is a comprehensive anti-aging and wellness program offered by Dr. Erica Oberg at Oberg Natural Health & Medicine.  Customized IV Therapy tailored to individual needs helps you achieve optimum wellness and combat the effects of environmental toxins, aging and illness.  

in person or via TeleHealth

Dr. Oberg sees patients in her La Jolla, California and conducts both in person and TeleHealth consultations with California Residents.  For those living outside of California, wellness consultations are available via TeleHealth.  These visits can include any member of our staff who offers the services you are looking to enjoy.


Learn more about working with Dr. Oberg HERE

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