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When One Hand Giveth and the other Taketh Away.

While most of my clients prefer to avoid pharmaceutical medications, sometimes they are necessary. When I do prescribe medications, I always chose the lowest effective dose and make sure to mitigate the risk of nutrient depletions or other unwanted side-effects that could cause new issues even as the medication works to control the disease or symptom. There are rare situations that work in reverse too – some nutrients can block or increase the effectiveness of medications. This type of interaction can be used beneficially, for example if we are using a low dose of statin plus a cholesterol lowering dietary supplement like red yeast rice, or it can be detrimental, for example taking some mineral supplements at the same time can block the absorption, and effectiveness, of antibiotics.

Here are some of the most common drug-nutrient depletions – if you are taking these medications, make sure you are getting enough of these nutrients either in your supplements or with extra servings of nutrient rich foods. If you have questions about medications not on this list, you can schedule a Telehealth review of your medications, supplements, and diet. I call it the "Medicine-Chest Makeover" and it's a great way to the the straight scoop on Supplements and Prescription medications...

Click for Nutritional Depletion Chart
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