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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Are you loving the cooler mornings and autumn air? Seasonality is a concept I’ve long used to help people organize and revisit their wellness practices. As the seasons shift, we often need a shift in our self-care regimens. The season change is a great time to update lab tests and revisit supplement programs. For example, most people need to add more vitamin D as their sun exposure becomes less. While this year, immune support has been important all along, if you aren’t on something preventive for the season, you should be! Some of my favorites (and best supported with research) are mushrooms such as cordyceps and elderberry.

This fall also brings a new member to my team – you may have met her on the phone or at a face-to-face appointment in recent weeks. Jen Snyder joins me as office manager and so much more. As a 20+ year career yogi, self-care expert, and single mother of 2 teens, she brings valuable insights to putting health into practice. Jen will be available to members and program participants to help coach you into the lifestyle transformations that support your goals (easily and practically). If you have a quick question about how to implement a diet or lifestyle recommendation I’ve made, feel free to give Jen a call. You can also participate in her Zoom yoga classes from your home!

Did you know therapeutic yoga is a wonderful complement to your wellness program? These are some of the benefits you will receive working with my newest team member, Jen:

- Recover from physical injury

- Manage a chronic condition

- Excel at your favorite sport or activity

- Build a knowledge base to minimize the risk of injuries

- Improve balance 

- Mood boosting

- Enhance mental clarity and focus

- Ease tension and develop a relaxed, calm sense of well-being

- Deepen your yoga practice through a clear understanding of body mechanics and breathwork

I encourage you to take advantage of Jen’s yoga expertise. Live classes are offered from the comfort of your home, pairing conscious breathing with intelligent movement, beneficial for all bodies. 1-on-1 sessions also available to assess your individual needs and develop a custom plan to achieve your goals. Call or email to get details and for the link to your first class.

The rest of the team is rounded out by Gloria, who greets you at the front desk and Jenny, who takes your vitals and updates your medications and supplements when you come in.

Let’s embrace the autumn season with a renewed commitment to wellness. Enjoy reconnecting with your loved ones, nourishing our spirits with human connection. Enjoy the earlier evening and rediscover cooking, or try out a new recipe! Give yourself permission to go to be early! These simple, seasonal adjustments help minimize the impacts of chronic stress related to the craziness in the world, and help you stay well!

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