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Putting Your Heart into It.

One last heartfelt reminder for February! February is American Heart Month, which is all about raising awareness of heart health. We’d like to take this moment to send some love to the sisterhood, as women don’t get nearly the cardiovascular attention they deserve, especially in light of statistics that indicate it is the leading cause of mortality among women. We’re also sending some love to all the heart-full men that stand beside and behind women.

Did you know that expressing and experiencing love is actually healing to the heart? Decades ago, Dean Ornish first demonstrated that heart disease could be reversed with a lifestyle program that included healthy eating, yoga & exercise, processing emotions and getting support from a group. Years later, after getting tired of everyone asking which component was most important, they published a study emphasizing the synergistic power of doing all those things, and shared that statistical analysis suggested the giving and receiving of love in the group was probably key.

For this week’s Tuesday Tip, we challenge you to share the love. Smile at the clerk, help an elderly person, let someone go in front of you. The love you give will come back many-fold, and you'll be helping your heart!

Did you know? Dr. Oberg offers advanced cardiovascular screening? From detailed lab tests that measure lipoproteins and inflammation to non-invasive diagnostics of cardiometabolic health, and more. Once you know your risk, and whether your need prevention or reversal, Dr. Oberg will personalize a plan to help you get there!

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