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Making Progress on Parkinson's Disease

One area of medicine that has always fascinated me is research. I practice using science based outcomes to minimize the use of unproven or nebulous treatments. The amount of information flooding the healthcare news these days is staggering. I want to be a trusted source of information for you so you can easily find out what works, what has promise and what is simply not worth your energy or attention.

Neurodegenerative diseases are challenging for individuals and families alike. Their causes, treatments and outcomes are the source for both good and bad science. I am fortunate to have a friend on the frontline of one of these diseases-Parkinson's.

My friend and favorite naturopathic neurologist, Dr. Laurie Mischley posted some of her latest research on what works to prevent and mitigate neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson's. Going forward, I'm excited to be partnering with her in research, as we investigate the impact of exosomes on neurodegenerative conditions. Want to be a participant? Get in touch!

Dr. Mischely has partnered with some amazing research institutions, including the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Her research has led to several conclusions on detecting and slowing Parkinson's Disease. More information about Dr. Mischley and her work can be found at

In the coming weeks, we will explore more together the exciting promise of exosomes in regenerating and slowing many aspects of aging and disease. Stay tuned. Until then, Stay healthy. I am available via TeleHealth for any healthcare or wellness needs you may have.

Dr. Erica Oberg

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