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It's IV Season! Would I Benefit from an IV?

Intravenous infusions (IVs) provide high concentrations of micro nutrients (vitamins & minerals) directly into your circulation via a vein. High levels of micro nutrients such as Vitamin C and Zinc are essential for a strong immune system. Dr. Erica Oberg formulates combinations of vitamins and minerals and adds them to a bag of sterile saline. The fluid and micronutrients are administered through a small flexible catheter in the arm over a period of 20 minutes to several hours. At her office, patients rest comfortably in an armchair overlooking the ocean while getting their infusions. Many people enjoy taking the time to meditate or read or chat with fellow patients during this time.

Why would I need it? Sometimes we cannot get enough nutrition from food or supplements alone. This can be due to problems with the gastrointestinal system and nutrient absorption or because a person has a higher need. For example, the tissue repair and healing that occur following a surgical procedure require increased levels of nutrients such as vitamin C. People with leaky gut, celiac disease, pernicious anemia, chronic fatigue, cancer, and other chronic conditions often need to get nutrition through intravenous or intramuscular sources, at least until their body has healed enough to absorb nutrition properly again.

How does it work?

A basic repletion protocol involves once per week infusions for a month, and then another infusion 2 weeks later. This approach works extremely well to jump start a recovery or optimize function. Most people notice improvements in how they feel right away, but the benefits may diminish over the first week. Each subsequent infusion lasts a little longer. We wait 2 weeks for the 5th infusion so patients have a chance to observe how well their results are maintaining. After that, many people return for monthly infusions, before and after travel or if they fall off their home self-care programs.

There are also more intensive infusion protocols. For example, IV Vitamin C may be given a few times per week as part of an integrative oncology program for cancer. This protocol is well-supported by research, which as nicely summarized in this review:

Curr Oncol. 2018 April;25(2):139-148

Some of the other IV formulations Dr. Oberg has developed include immune support, metabolism/blood sugar balancing, methylation support, mitochondrial repair, weight loss support, sports recovery, cognitive improvement, and anti-aging. I’m particularly excited about the results of my formulations that include NAD for neuroregenerative support and to reverse cognitive decline.

Subscribe to this blog to learn more about NAD IV therapy in the next few days! Until then, wash those hands, practice safe distancing and up your nutrition and exercise game!

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