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Growing Young

George Burns once said ”You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.(emphasis added)” Oscar Wilde was quoted lamenting that “youth is wasted on the young.” In my practice, we often talk about getting younger. We don’t have to resign ourselves to declining as the years progress. I will be the first to acknowledge, staying young takes more effort at 75 than it did at 30, but getting better and feeling well is within everyone’s reach.

I love Dan Buettner’s scientific journalism in his book The Blue Zones, in which he describes the characteristic lifestyles of the longest living populations. Of course, the foundation for preventing age-related decline is positive attitude, spirit, and passion. Good diet, physical activity, and community matter too. And lots of anti-oxidants ;-)

Yet, when new science emerges with therapies that may give a leg up on the effort of staying young, I’m always open. Many have been proffered; stem cells, ozone, low-fat diets – none of these have had sufficient scientific backing to make it into my toolbox. Others - NAD, vitamin C, plant-based antioxidants including CBD, time in nature – have solid science and become the basis of the programs I put together for my clients. I’m excited to share with you the newest scientific innovation: exosomes.

Exosomes are nanoparticles that come from cells and carry cell-to-cell (paracrine) messages to regulate regenerative processes such as DNA and tissue repair. They may be the holy grail of anti-aging and restorative therapeutics, as well as the basis for future biologic pharmaceuticals. Exosomes are being studied for applications ranging from cancer detection to hair restoration. What excites me most about exosomes is the use of exosomes in preventing age-related cognitive and fitness decline.

Over the next few weeks you will notice some changes coming to my practice that involve using the newest anti aging and wellness therapies, including exosomes. This space with be chock full of new information and ideas to help you feel vibrant and well. Please join me on this journey!

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