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DECEMBER 15, 2018

This may seem like the most appropriate and equally worst time to hear this from me. But we have a holiday bustle that seems to begin early September and escalate in pace as the year comes to a close. The word “YES” becomes an auto-pilot response as activities increase and we begin accepting invitations, coordinating more events and taking on additional commitments.

Here are a couple of consumable tips you’ve heard before, in numerous different ways, and have even put a reminder on your calendar to remember to put these in to practice, right?! But these important pearls bear repeating and maintaining at the top of our minds, all year round.

Be mindful and in the moment.  Rushing through the season isn’t fun or healthy! Be mindful of over-scheduling. Prioritize what really matters and make time to enjoy holiday traditions or create new ones. And remember that you may define a priority differently than others – no apologies necessary!

STOP doing something you don’t like.  Over-scheduled, over-obligated, over-committed– our plates are simply too full. If you are struggling with finding time for self-care (and it takes a lot of time!), start with figuring out what you can let go of.  Learn to say no without explanation or apology.  Practice a simple phrase such as “I wish I could, but I can’t. I’ll let you know if something changes.”  Responding like this prevents repeat requests and avoids getting snarled in white lies. And it may just get you out of that holiday party you were guilting yourself in to!

When you take care of yourself and set healthy limits, you will be better able to enjoy quality spare moments even if the quantity isn’t there. You’ll also be better able to give to those who are your priority, more fully, than when you are depleted. And for those of you with little eyes watching, you have an opportunity to model behaviors that can be passed on for generations. 

Be kind to yourself, give yourself some grace….and decide,with intention, what it is you will release

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