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Announcing "The Fountain" at ONHM

I am pleased to announce new services being offered by my office. Please visit my website here to learn more about my expanded IV offerings as part of The Fountain.

The Fountain provides a variety of IV Therapies, from basic Hydration to advanced NAD+ and Exosome infusions. As we have discussed in my previous blog posts, I am especially excited to offer Exosome therapy. Read more about the benefits of Exosomes here. All of my IV selections are customized to individual patients using my exclusive and proprietary blends of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements.

You can make an appointment to have an IV in my La Jolla office. After a review of your health and possible need for laboratory guidance, we can begin the process of improving and maximizing your health. I look forward to speaking with you in further detail about the many benefits of IV Therapy.

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