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A Personal Connection During Social Distancing...

" A Personal Connection During Social Distancing..." is my way of staying connected to you via the technology we have at our disposal while we practice Social Distancing. Please feel free to subscribe, email or post on social media. Let me know if you have questions or ideas you would like addressed. And let me know how you are doing!

These are uncertain times and I know many of you are worried. I’ve been in touch with many of you via TeleHealth over the last few days and I’m grateful we already have that secure system in place to consult with you wherever you are. Some families are choosing house calls for IV immune support. I can also have supplement supplier FullScript send you my personalized supplement recommendations directly to your house. If you have questions or concerns, I’m here to support you and help you get through this!

While the virus must be taken seriously, especially by those over 65, the biggest risk for most people is the stress and anxiety the virus is causing. Fortunately, the cure for that is accurate information and self-care! Here is some accurate information:

  • The CDC official resource - get it straight from the infectious disease and public health experts and don’t believe everything on Facebook!

  • The most common symptoms are a cough, sore throat, and shortness of breath. Fever isn’t a common symptom until later on in the process. There are no known treatments or cure yet; just supportive care and prevention. The CDC is recommending individualized decision-making about testing in conjunction with a conversation with me or your other doctors. If you are experiencing mild symptoms, self-quarantine and get in touch with me or one of your other doctors via TeleHealth. If you have a known exposure to someone who tested positive but are asymptomatic yourself, you should consider getting tested, especially if you would have difficulty complying with isolating for 14 days. In any of those situations, get in touch with me or another doctor via TeleHealth.

Here are some things to know about prevention & preparation

  • The only thing that should be keeping you inside and away from a self-directed exercise program is the rain! It is safe and good to go outside in the fresh air and walk and exercise.  Many studios are offering online yoga classes and other group fitness programs.

  • Stay in communication with your friends, neighbors, and family via social media and calls. Many older adults are anxious right now. Now is a great time to call your parents and house-bound friends!

  • Take care of your immune system. Sleep is one of the most important factors; get a few extra Zzzz and get in touch if you need CBD or something to help you sleep.

  • Some of my favorite immune superfoods are greens drinks, honey-ginger-lemonade, onion/garlic-family foods, and mushrooms. A pot of homemade chicken-veggie soup with tons of herbs is a great way to enjoy this!

I am offering home visit IVs when the circumstances are right (low exposure risk on both your and my side). Get in touch if your household is interested.

Be well and know I’m here for you!

Dr. O

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