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New clients begin their care with Dr. Oberg with a comprehensive expert Natural Health & Medicine Consultation Package. Dr. Oberg works this way because one visit rarely accomplishes the root-cause, personalized protocols people need to thrive and get well. After this month-long immersion, clients typically choose to enter into either one of her Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy packages, a 12 week Fast-Track to Healing Program, or Concierge Primary Care Membership.


Jen Snyder’s approach to health coaching is informed with over a decade of experience with yoga, meditation, nutrition, and more. Her experience includes helping Navy vets recover from PTSD and trauma, healing chronic injuries with postural therapy and yoga, making nutrition easy, and helping clients put Dr. Oberg’s recommendations into practice with practical, hands-on coaching. Coaching is included in memberships and is also available a la carte.


Dr.Oberg created these programs to reach people beyond her La Jolla and San Diego locations. Leveraging the Well World mobile App platform, people can start their health transformation from and benefit from Dr. Oberg’s state of the science recommendations. Choose your track – Brain Health, Hormone Balance, or Fat Loss. (link to program boxes or shop page where packages will be purchasable.

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