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Dr. Oberg is a fully licensed naturopathic physician in the State of California. We invite new clients begin their care with a comprehensive expert Natural Health & Medicine Consultation Package. Dr. Oberg works this way because one visit rarely accomplishes the root-cause, personalized protocols people need to thrive and get well. After this month-long immersion, clients typically choose to enter into either one of her Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy packages, a 12 week Fast-Track to Healing Program, or Concierge Primary Care Membership, Dr. Oberg will make recommendations. Our staff are available to happily to answer any questions and help you understand your options.

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​What can I expect from the Expert Natural Health & Medicine Consultation Package?

  • 90 minute in-depth appointment, conversation, & exam in which we examine not just about your symptoms, but your life and your goals

  • Detailed review of labs, imaging or specialist reports that you have already completed. 

  • Specialty tests such as food sensitivities, microbiome testing, genetics, or nutrient status are INCLUDED.

  • Personalized nutrition recommendations, help with sleep, encouragement to get more active, and some tweaking of your medications or supplements.

  • In about 1 month, after labs are back, a second 45 minute consultation further personalizes your plan based on lab data.

  • Dr. Oberg will discuss options for on going care including memberships or IV rejuvenation and repletion packages.


These comprehensive assessments take place over about a month and are tailored to individual risk factors and interests. Dr. Oberg employs many advanced diagnostic tools ranging from lab testing, imaging, genetic testing, preventing screenings, and non-invasive cardiometabolic and neurologic screening. Results inform a personalized prevention (or treatment) plan that addresses your unique health status and goals.




Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Concierge Natural Medicine Membership?

Our lives have become too full for conventional healthcare, and post-Covid-19 experiences highlight how valuable it is to be able to access your trusted primary care provider from anywhere.  Concierge care frees both you and Dr. Oberg from the constraints of a conventional healthcare experience and into a transformative partnership committed to wellness and prevention. This is a flat-fee membership for 6 or 12 months of unlimited access. Patients can work with Dr. Oberg through secure video, email, and text - saving trips to the office, traffic, and waiting in an office with other patients. When needed, face to face visits are included in Dr. Oberg’s ocean-view office or your home. An annual exam includes preventive screenings (pap, mammogram, EKG, etc) & labs. Over the year, we will develop a therapeutic relationship as you learn to master your body and its unique nutritional and lifestyle needs. Working this way lets us focus on helping you reach your health goals quickly, naturally, and realistically.


Who benefits from concierge primary care membership?

Anyone seeking a thorough, holistic primary care provider. Patients that need to reverse chronic disease or recover from a cardiovascular, neurologic, or surgical event. Families striving to live a healthy, active, preventive lifestyle. These are just a few examples of who chooses ongoing primary care through this flat-rate concierge option.


Who benefits from the 14-day App-based jumpstart programs?

Dr. Oberg created these programs to provide an accessible but highly customized way for clients around the world to benefit from her expertise. These programs guide clients through a self-directed, lifestyle-based transformation that is the perfect prelude to more intensive work with either Dr. Oberg’s health coach or herself. 


Who benefits from the Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy packages?

Twenty years of experience inform Dr. Oberg’s proprietary intravenous (IV) micronutrient infusions, ensuring potent results that are extremely well-tolerated. She uses premium pediatric-style needles for the most comfortable infusions possible. She also offers state-of-the-science regenerative therapies for anti-aging and reversal of neurocognitive decline for clients that qualify for participation in IRB-approved clinical research. A typical IV package includes 5 infusions over 6 weeks, then monthly or seasonal boosters. However, every infusion program is customized to your unique needs.


Does Dr. Oberg offer Executive Exams or Programs?

Yes, see the description of an Expert Natural Health & Medicine Consultation Package.



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